The Beginning

Margaux Williams-Glover is a graduate of the University of North Florida and Mother to two beautiful daughters: Jayla and Marlee. Their family currently resides in Jacksonville, FL. The Jayla’s Smile organization was created by (then) 8 year old, Jayla and her Mother after Jayla was diagnosed with Lupus in May 2010. Jayla and her Mother set out on a journey to find out more information on the disease and how it could affect their family. Because Lupus is rare in young children, Jayla decided to create an organization dedicated to kids just like herself. An organization that will allow interaction between kids who have been diagnosed with Lupus or other rare illnesses so they can learn to live and succeed no matter what their current state.

This movement was also to hopefully enlighten others and increase awareness of these diseases. By visiting our site, we want to let others know what Lupus is, what to expect of it and how life can go on for you or a loved one who has Lupus or any other illness.

It started with one vision and $20. Our first donation came from a sponsor who heard what we were trying to do an immediately took interest. This $20 set the tone for something so much greater and we are forever grateful. The over abundance of love began to flow as word spread and we were able to incorporate and start functioning; getting our name out to others strictly by word of mouth. Everyone who has worked with this organization has worked on a voluntary basis. No one is paid to do what they do, but is working out of the kindness of their own hearts and usually, after a full day of work elsewhere.

In April 2012, we achieved 501c3 status and are now tax exempt. We work closely with the children in our communities as well as other non-profit organizations around town with a focus on ailing children. We will host events and seminars to raise awareness and build friendships among these children. We encourage everyone to find out how you can make a difference with Jayla’s Smile and after leaving this site, educate someone else!